2 thoughts on “screenprint pistol

  1. Brings back my childhood memories and the mistake of losing all these matchboxes I had. My grandfather Late Sri Chunduru Ranganayakulu Gupta started this company around 1955(?) and he passed away 2.5 yrs ago. It’s only after his demise I started looking for our matchboxes or at least a poster. This brought me joy and memories. Thanks to whoever has saved this….Revanth

    • Hello Revanth
      I’m so glad you found the photo then! It was an image that someone brought along for one of the first screen printing courses I taught after setting up the first version of our print studio in Medway. It was used as an exercise in making photo stencils and combining that with hand cut stencils, and the imagery really suited the process. I wish I had a print I could send you, but this was about 7 years ago and I’m not in touch with the person who printed it any more. Good luck with your search for the matchboxes. I have a small collection of boxes, but they are mostly Eastern European ones. I’ll check anyway and if I find any pistol brand ones I’ll send them your way.
      Best wishes, Xtina


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