Covid-19 measures

If you book onto a course or printmaking open access session at INTRA, we’ll ask you to wash your hands on arrival, and wear one of our clear face visors (or your own mask) whenever you are likely to be closer than 2 meters to other people. Usually this means if you are sitting down at your workspace, you don’t need to be wearing a mask. When you are watching a demo up close or using a press nearby to someone else, you’ll need to cover your face for that time period. Although the legal requirement to wear masks in shared indoor spaces has currently been lifted, we ask people to extend this courtesy to each other while Covid-19 is still spreading.

We have individual trays for each person, and any tools touched are to be kept in those trays. After your session we can either leave them out of circulation for several days, or clean them. We’ll give you each a bottle of hand sanitiser and any time you touch something that has to be shared, or take an item from the supplies, you’ll need to use this beforehand. We’ve purchased more of the usual tools that are shared and will prep individual supplies wherever possible.

For courses, we’ll be running small classes of no more than 4 people, and working on tables where you can distance with more than 2m distance from each other, only coming closer for short demos in turn where this is unavoidable. INTRA doesn’t have great ventilation, the shared workspace air is something to consider for calculating the risk involved in attending courses. We do have a large space at INTRA, with several rooms, so can spread people out effectively with their own work areas for prepping artwork and printing. We’ll stagger everyone’s use of shared equipment such as the exposure units, the screen booth or presses, so that you don’t need to be close to others while using these. 

For open access sessions only one person will be booked into each space, apart from the large workspace at the front of our building where one person can work at either end of the room. If you need materials for your session, please let us know in advance so we can have them ready for you. The session times are planned so that cleaning can take place between users of each space.

There are paper towels for use with the sink, and you’ll have your own small towel and wet cloth to keep your hands clean, and disposable gloves to use for short time periods when coating screens, using a press etc.

The toilet is in use as normal, it may be a sensible precaution to leave a gap of a few minutes between people visiting the toilet, and to flush with the toilet seat down to minimise aerosol distribution.

Please bring your own apron as we’ve taken our shared ones out of circulation for the moment.

We’re not allowing food to be consumed in any shared spaces, and we’re sorry but we can’t currently provide refreshments at INTRA so advise people to bring their own drinks. 

If you or someone in your household has Covid-19 symptoms on the day of your booking, or is recovering from recent symptoms, we ask you please not to attend. Contact us even if it is last minute and we’ll refund or book you in for another date. 

Although we are taking all the measures we can to improve safety and reduce risk, we can’t guarantee a completely Covid-proof environment, and especially if you are in a more vulnerable group – please think carefully before booking a course or open access session. We’d really love to see you, but really want everyone to stay well.

Please let us know if you have any questions about our Covid-19 precautions. We’re happy to answer any questions that might help you decide if using our studio is right for you.