Medway Open Studios 2014 at INTRA

Front of INTRA decorated with bunting during Medway Open Studios

We are very happy to be involved in the Medway Open Studios event again this July. We will be opening our doors over both of the event’s weekend dates plus late on the Friday evening for a bit of a social gathering. On show will be work made at Medway Fine Printmakers, free demos of the processes we work with, tours of the print studio and Unravel & Unwind (our craft drop-in neighbours), drop in activities for all ages including the ever popular ‘Print Your Own…’ bag, flag, cushion or t-shirt, plus a workshop where you can print on slabs of jelly!
Updates here and on our Facebook page as we have them.

Medway Open Studio times at INTRA for July 2014:
Sat 12 , Sun 13 11am – 6pm,
Fri 18 4pm – 9pm,
Sat 19 11am – 6pm, Sun 20 11am – 6pm
Directions to INTRA

Print Activities for All Ages:

During open studios we’ll be running some activities open to all ages. If you bring along children under 10 years old you will need to give them help and close supervision. Please make sure you choose an activity that they have the attention span for 🙂 Adults love these fun printing sessions as much as children, so don’t be shy – it’s for you to join in too.

Thermofax Screen Printing 

Making thermofax screensSat 12 July 2014, 1pm – 3pm (2 hour workshop), £15
A special speedy version of artist Xtina Lamb’s easy, lightweight thermofax screen printing workshop. Draw your own A6 (postcard sized) design or bring one along, expose it onto screen mesh, put it onto a frame, and away you go – printing onto paper or fabric with your own design. Even better – you get to take the screen home and carry on.
Book the 1pm workshop
(£15 + £1 online booking fee, call 01634 753299 to pay by phone or visit us to pay in cash)

Print Your Own… 

Children printing cushions with thermofax screensSun 13 or Sun 20 July 2014, Noon – 4pm (30mins – 1hour), £5 to £8 
Our ever-popular workshop where you can custom print an item of your choosing: flags or mini tote bags for £5, shopping bags, t-shirts or cushions for £8, and bunting for £1.50 per triangle. Over 50 thermofax screen designs plus the alphabet to choose from, with illustrations from mermaids, ships and compass roses, to swirls, stars and hearts, or robots, animals, lucky symbols and more.
No need to book – just drop in.

Jelly Printing

Printing with a slab of gelatineSat 19 July 2014, noon – 2pm and 3pm – 5pm (2 hour workshop), £10
Use a slab of firm gelatine and collected wild flowers, ferns and other materials to make wonderful prints on paper with artist Dianne Reeves.
Book the noon workshop
Book the 3pm workshop
(£10 + £1 online booking fee, call 01634 753299 to pay by phone or visit us to pay in cash)






Jane Furst: intaglio techniques

We’re lucky to have been joined by Jane Furst, a printmaker who specialises in intaglio techniques and creates beautiful prints that draw inspiration from deep sea creatures. Jane has been helping us during Wednesday Club, assisting users with drypoint work. She kindly took us through her techniques recently, showing plates, prints and her lovely notebooks, documenting the methods she uses and details of processes applied to specific plates.

Jane Furst – mezzotint print, plate and notebook

Mezzotint plates take weeks to work, first roughening the copper plate with a rocker that makes tiny impressions to create the beautiful soft blacks and halftones. The rocker is moved over the plate in a precise pattern, and Jane documents where she has got to with the process in her notebooks. Once the plate has achieved a velvety black print, it can be burnished to bring it back to lighter tones and white.

Jane Furst - Mamie Machine

Jane showed us examples of her photo etching plates. These come coated in a photo-sensitive resist. Once exposed to UV light, the resist hardens. A transparency with solid black and white artwork is placed on the plate before exposure to the UV light, so that areas of the resist remain soft and can be washed away with a special solution after exposure. Once prepared the plate is etched in acid, with the metal only affected in the areas where the resist was removed. Very detailed work can be created with this method.

Jane Furst - photo etching print, transparency and plate

Jane Furst – photo etching print, transparency and plate

Jane also works with aquatint and hard and soft ground etching methods. She has combined these to great effect with drypoint for her series of prints based on microscopic marine life forms ‘animal and plant’. Taking inspiration from nineteenth century biologist Ernst Haeckel, but also using metaphor. Jane places the thin aluminium drypoint plates on top of the etching plates and runs them through the etching press together, using a technique she has developed herself.

Jane Furst - Treasures of the Deep, drypoint and etching

Jane Furst – Treasures of the Deep, drypoint and etching