Family Workshops

The activities listed below are fun printmaking workshops held at INTRA and designed to be enjoyed by adults and children together. We run them during festivals, special events and school holidays. We also offer educational printmaking classes for young people.

If you are able to get a group of four or more people together, you can request a workshop to run after school, in holidays, or at weekends. We would normally offer the class to the public too. If there are no other takers we can still run the class for your group. The price is approx £10 per participant for family bookings made on request.


Gelli Printing – Family Session


A versatile method of monoprinting using a flexible rubber-like plate that holds textures really well. It’s great for nature prints, building up designs with stencils, and overlaying colour to create beautiful patterns. Press leaves or found objects and textures into the plate, print through stencils and have a whole lot of fun together in this family workshop led by artist Xtina Lamb.
1.5 – 2 hours, all ages.


‘Print Your Own…’ Screen Printing – Family Session

thermofax-compass-printingA mini screen printing workshop that is so much fun you will find it hard to stop! Xtina has loads of designs for you to mix and match including mermaids, ships, monsters, robots, skulls, stars, flowers, cameras etc. There are over 100 designs, and the screen are super easy to print with. You lay the screen on top of fabric or paper, and pull ink across it with a small squeegee to print the stencil design.
1 – 2 hours, appropriate for approx age 6+ years
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Slogan T-shirt Printing – Family Session

Create a bold statement T-shirt by sticking letter stencils to a T-shirt, and screen printing blocks of colour and pattern over the top. We use lightweight screens to print with, and they’re very easy for people of all ages to handle.
1 – 2 hours, appropriate for approx age 6+ years