Printmaking classes for young people

pulling a collagraph print

Scheduled 2016 dates:

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Gelli Plate Monoprinting £15, Fri 8 April, 14:30
Thermofax & Silkscreen £20, Tue 12 April, 11:00
All 3 hour classes.

These classes are designed to help young people aged 10 – 15 years develop their artistic skills, with detailed technical instruction in printmaking techniques. You might want to develop a project for your portfolio, course work or scholarship application, or just to try out working in a different medium.

Bring along an idea or theme and explore it in these fun, educational sessions alongside other young people. The group will be small (max 6-8 people) so participants can get a lot of individual help if it’s needed. There are lots of techniques to try and opportunities to try out your own ideas within each class. All materials are included.

If you don’t see any class dates scheduled – please request one! We can arrange individual tuition, classes for home education groups or a small group of friends, or create a class based on your requirements for one child and open it up to the public. Prices listed are for individuals booking a class, if you bring a group to us you’ll get a discount and the age group can be flexible too.

Thermofax / Silkscreen Printing

£thermofax-screen-printing20 (3 hours)
Make a lightweight thermofax screen from your own artwork with this super easy screen printing method. Print onto fabric or paper, then take the screen home to use again later.

Thermofax screens are stencils made with a heat sensitive film, using a flash of bright light in an exposure unit. The method of printing is very similar to regular screen printing but with lighter frames and squeegees. YP-thermofax-cars.jpgIt’s great for artwork with line art and solid colour,
doesn’t take very long to make up a screen, and offers an instant solution for screen printing smaller work. The screens last well, are very easy to store, and can be reused again and again.

In this workshop you’ll expose the heat sensitive screen mesh with your own A5 sized artwork, stretch it on a plastic frame, then print in a single colour. The design needs to be black & white only, without grey tones or gradients.

We will also print using an open silkscreen mesh combined with hand cut stencils, to make background prints. Combine these with your own design by printing your thermofax screen over the top.


£collagraph-WG-sticking15 (3 hours)
Collagraph is a hybrid method that sits between intaglio and relief printing (printing from the grooves or raised surfaces of a plate) where textural materials are fixed onto a cardboard plate then printed under high pressure with dampened paper. The results are great fun as they’re always surprising and they can hold a lot of detail.

Lines and shapes can be cut into tcollagraph-WG-plateshe surface to form an image, and areas of varied texture built up across the plate and the surface painted to seal it.

Drawings can be incorporated but must be reversed as they will be printed as a mirror image. Ink up the plates in colour and print test version ‘proofs’ on wet paper by burnishing with a roller. For final prints, you’ll get the chance to run the plates through the Victorian etching press to print every detail of the plates. This class lasts up to 3 hours.


Giant roller prints

£roller prints, hands & eyes10 (2 hours)
Create a printing block with your own design on a roller, then make super-long prints onto rolls of paper. Even better – you get to keep your roller block to use again. It’s a super simple method, but you can get some very detailed and beautiful results.

Draw and cut into craft foam and fix the design to cardboard tubes, then ink them up and print them with paint rollers. You’ll be able to make some giant prints of your own design in different colours, and join in with overlapping prints to make a big mash-up print with all the designs together! Everyone gets a piece of the jointly made giant prints to take home.

Gelli plate monoprinting

£arranging grasses on an inked up gelatine plate15 (2-3 hours)
Gelli printing is a versatile method of monoprinting using a flexible rubber-like plate that holds textures really well. You can make prints very quickly, and layer them up with bright colours that pop dramatically, or subtle harmonious ones to give a wonderful depth to the images. It’s great for nature prints, building up designs with stencils, and overlaying colour to create beautiful patterns.

gelli-prints-mkBy pressing seaweed, leaves or found objects and textures into the plate, you can take an impression that transfers to make incredibly detailed prints. It’s super easy to make lovely looking images, and with some practice you can control the technique to create art with atmospheric textural qualities similar to collagraph. Using stencils with the plates is another way of building images.

Hard plate monoprinting

monoprints LV21£15 (2-3 hours)
Monoprinting is a method used to create prints that are one-offs, as opposed to making an edition of identical prints. Different types of plates can be inked up and printed to make unique multi-layered prints with or without a press.

You can use stencils and drawing, add textures and keep printing on the same piece of paper until you are happy with the image. It’s a bit like painting, with a lovely atmospheric look to the prints as layers are built up.

The class will run for up to 2 hours and you will create a number of prints, experimenting with a range of monoprinting techniques.

Family workshops

We also run fun drop-in workshop activities for families from time to time, suitable for children from 5 years old.
Print Your Own… All ages drop-in workshop, screen printing onto t-shirts, bags, flags etc.


Please give us as much notice as possible if you are not able to come to a course that you have booked. If you cancel with seven or more days notice, we will reschedule or refund your booking. For cancellations less than seven days before the workshop date – we may be able to offer you a discount on a future booking, but please note that we have to cover space, preparation and tutor costs and if you cancel at the last minute we still have to pay for these.

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