Kitchen Lithography

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Preparing a tin foil plate with a cola etch

Sunday 19th June
1pm – 4pm

Venue: INTRA
Suitable for ages 14+.
Class size 8 max.

Using tin foil, cola and vegetable oil, Xtina Lamb shows you how to create lo-fi lithographs with a miraculous fast and easy technique. Great for people who like drawing with soft sketchy lines, or are looking for an economical and non-toxic lithograph process.

Traditional lithographic processes can be expensive and time consuming techniques to learn, requiring specialist items such as litho stones and a press, as well as acid for the etch. This kitchen-friendly version of lithography was developed by Émilie Aizier (aka Émilion) as a response to the toxic chemicals, special equipment and long learning process required for stone lithography.

Lithography works on the basis that oil and water repel each other. An image is drawn on a prepared tin foil surface with greasy crayons or Chinagraph pencils, and once treated with the cola etch and then water, these drawn areas pick up ink as it is rolled onto the tin foil.

In this class you will prepare your own tin foil litho plate, etch it with cola, ink it up and print a small edition using this non-toxic technique.

This class is part of the workshop programme for Medway Print Festival 2022.

Workshop includes:

  • Learning the kitchen lithography process
  • Drawing your own artwork
  • Printing a small edition of your drawing
  • All materials


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