Team Building and Creative Days

We enjoy hosting bespoke sessions for groups of work colleagues planning a fun and creative day out of the office, please get in touch if you’d like to arrange a day with us. Or maybe you’re planning a celebration with friends or family and fancy doing something different for a party. We can create activities specially for your requirements – try us out with a theme and we’ll suggest a printmaking take on it. Here are a few options for activities of about two hours long to give you an idea of what we can offer.

Screen Printed Slogan T-shirts

Use vinyl stickers in combination with patterned screens to build up layered imagery that puts a message across in words and images. It could be a slogan, political protest, or any other kind of statement on a theme. Alternatively use our range of stencil screens with a wide variety of imagery to build up a design on a T-shirt. Other printed items could be cushion covers, tea towels, tote bags, or aprons*.

*T-shirts are included but an additional materials charge may apply for choice of some textile blank items, and extra items.


Working from drawings, collage, photographs or text, create stencil duplicated prints on a Risograph machine. Experiment with different artwork types to produce 10 copies of your own two-colour poster, art edition or zine. There are 8 colour drums to choose from.

Gelli Printing with Silhouettes

Use a range of textures with a rubbery monoprinting plate to build up interesting printed background textures. Design and cut a simple silhouette motif from card, ink it up as a relief plate and print it on top of the backgrounds using a book press.

Stickers and Badges

Use a low-fi method of relief printing, create your own designs and add rubber stamps or collage, then turn them into wearable art with a professional badge machine. Turn bold drawings into vinyl stickers for walls, windows, cars, laptops etc. with a digital cutter.

Printed Zines

Write and illustrate a zine – a lo-fi publication that can be on any topic. Use a simple relief printing method with ink pads to make the illustrations, and hand-letter, type or collage the text. The zine can be copied on a colour printer and given out to spread your ideas, thoughts or information.


For the two hour activities above we charge £200, for up to 12 people with materials included. If you choose to come to our studio at INTRA in Rochester, Kent for the session, the venue hire is an additional £40. Extra people can be added to the group for £12 per head, up to 16 – 20 people, depending on the activity.


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